Oslo and Jersey got these fabulous treats in their August bark box and they are too good not to tell you about.

At first I was unsure about them because they come in a ‘Jerky’ form.. and well my fellas don’t do well with ‘jerky’. They tend to chew jerkies only until soft & pliable enough to swallow whole, and then they choke and vomit & have near death experiences. It’s extremely unpleasant.

However, upon further inspection of Bixbi’s ‘jerky’ (namely, me molesting the bag and squeezing the jerky strips aggressively) I realized that this ‘jerky’ is actually quite delicate and comes apart pretty easily. It could definitely be cut into small, bite sized & chewable pieces.  So that’s exactly what we did– cut the strips up into much smaller pieces and now these are completely edible & safe for Oslo & Jersey. Win!

The most impressive thing about Bixbi’s product here is the list of ingredients. It’s all of 5 (five!!) ingredients long and has absolutely no grains, fillers or preservatives. With wholesome ingredients like that, it’s no surprise that the dogs love them.

It retails for about $10 a bag which is certainly not cheap for a dog treat.. but this is a situation where you really are getting what you pay for.

**Please note that in early 2013 some Bixbi products were involved in an FDA recall. While no Bixbi products themselves had tested positive for it, samonella had been found in a facility where some Bixbi products had been made. Even though Bixbi products were tested to find that they did *not* contain this scary bacteria, products were still recalled because they produced in a contaminated facility. Please read Bixbi’s 2013 Press Release on the matter. With it now being late 2014, it’s safe to say that this should no longer be a concern.

Oslo and Jersey had a little trip to the vet yesterday for their annual check ups and to get up to date with their vaccines. It wasn’t very much fun, but we’re glad to have it done & over with. I’m happy to announce that both boys are doing well!

Oslo really surprised me by being quite nervous while being examined. There was no incident of course, but he was quivering all over and generally seemed really anxious and scared. Poor pig. Jersey, on the other hand, was completely unfazed it all and seems to think that ANY attention (even by a veterinarian wielding a syringe) is good attention. Bless him. Yet another example of how different my two fellas are.

Jersey has an appointment on Oct 17th to fiiiinally have his cracked molar pulled. Even though his cardiologist has cleared him for surgery, I am still more nervous than I can tell you about the procedure. I’m SO worried about him reacting badly to the anesthesia!  Every time I think about it, my heart jiggles in my chest in a very unsettling manner. I’ve had numerous discussions with his amazing Veterinarian about it all, but nothing anyone says seems to be able to calm my fears. He’ll be in the best possible hands, and it absolutely *has* to be done. We can’t put it off any longer. I’ll be SO happy to get it over with, even though on the day of the surgery I am going to be a complete wreck.

It’s been awhile!!

“I thought you loved me?!”

Last time I was here I was talking about Jersey’s ‘Wiggleless’ vest. Well, the good news is that it arrived and it’s very well made and really excellent. The bad news is that Jersey (as I suspected) absolutely HATES it.

He’ll allow me to put it on him, but once it’s on, he refuses to move or look at me once it’s on. Just absolutely refuses to budge a single inch. It’s the most ridiculous, dramatic thing!! I know that I just need to “get him used to it” but as you all know, I am a sucker for these guys, and I have a really hard time subjecting my boys to discomfort (no matter how silly they are being about it). So, I have to admit that the vest has gone largely unused.

Every time I see it, I scold myself for not trying harder and vow to make more of an effort. But then I look at Jersey’s pathetic, sweet face… and I just can’t bring myself to do it. I am weak! I WILL say however that Oslo doesn’t mind the vest in the slightest, and will happily wear it for as long as I make him… Sooo, could be worse?

“Where’s my treat?”

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share with you a product that I am SO EXCITED about!

It’s called ‘Wiggleless’ and it’s essentially a very stiff vest/jacket that is worn by dogs with back problems. The jacket (which has metal rods sewn into it) offers the dog spinal stability and support, and prevents the dog from bending it’s spine too terribly much. It’s meant to be worn during the day, while the dog is being physical.. but can be taken off while the dog is as rest.

I, for one, am EXTREMELY excited about this. Jersey, in particular, has a really bad habit of wiggling from side-to-side– like a fish. When he is happy or excited, he wiggles.. And let me tell you, he is happy almost all the time! His wiggling really concerns me, but until now I didn’t know how I could deal with it.

I have just ordered a jacket for us, and promise to give it a full & proper review once it arrives. I imagine Jersey will need some time to grow accustomed to wearing it, as he doesn’t typically enjoy the feeling of clothing/things on his body… But I think that if I ease him into it, and give it time, he could get used to it.

Stay tuned!

I got a ‘BecoBed’ for my birthday and I love it!


I just got back from 10 days in Vancouver with the dogs. I was there for work and friends/family… and thought that I’d bring the dogs along for the adventure and save my husband from having to take care of them all on his own. The husband was happy to live the life of a messy, lonely bachelor for a little while!

It was nice to have Oslo & Jersey with me, though I am not sure that Jersey tolerates the coastal climate as well as Oslo & I. Jersey’s eyes are so much more weepy when we are  there, he came home with a yeast infection in one of his ears, and BOTH dogs had fleas upon our return. Lovely. Fleas, unfortunately, are a icky fact of life in the damp, moderate west-coast climate, but not such an issue here in the south-east corner of the province where our winters are longer and more severe (which help to kill off & level out flea populations). I haven’t had to deal with fleas at all for a while, so I wasn’t particularly thrilled to get home and immediately deal with that. Ah well…

While in Vancouver, the dogs got to spend a night with my Ex, which was nice for them all. My Ex and I ‘share custody’ of Oslo and Jersey. We got the dogs while we were together and going strong… but in our eventual split-up decided that the two would be best off with me full-time (due to my much less demanding work schedule), with him getting visits whenever he/we could manage. We have now been split up for 3+ years, but we both make an effort to stay in touch and stay friendly ‘for the dogs’. Fortunately neither my Ex or I are immature, mean-spirited jerks at heart, so being nice & respectful to each other is easy enough to do.

Every time I am back in Vancouver my Ex and I try to work out some sort of a visit. Sometimes it’s just for a couple hours… but this time it was an overnighter. Not having the dogs with me over night felt VERY strange, but I’m glad that they got in some time with J*. He loves them and misses them a lot.

It’s nice to be back home now though! The weather has been hot hot HOT since we got back. I really enjoy these hotter temperatures, but I do have to be extra careful with Oslo & Jersey. I only walk them at night, or first thing in the morning, and make sure to keep at least one room of the house as cool as possible. It’s tough because Oslo & Jersey really LIKE the sun and would lay out and sunbathe all day if you let them…. and then promptly die of heat-stroke! So it’s up to us to be attentive and mindful. As much as I love the hot weather, I will be a little bit relieved when it cools down a bit and I can relax more.

Also!! In all the time that I’ve been away, my sweet Oslo had a 6th birthday. SIX YEARS OLD! The day almost slipped by me entirely because it was the day that we were doing the 8 hour drive back from Vancouver. Oops!

I can’t believe he is 6 years old though! He’s as handsome and silly as ever… though, starting to get quite a few grey hairs. Despite how wonderfully he is doing, and how young in body & spirit he still is– very new grey hair makes me shed a tear. They are each a visual reminder that my time with him is fleeting and precious.

Here is Olso showing us that age is just a number! He may be 6 but he can still wrestle with the best of them!


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