an introduction.

Hello All.

I created this blog as a means to keep my friends, family & Oslo’s many fans worldwide up to date on his progress. However, If you are stumbling across this blog quite by accident, or if you have been linked here via someone you know, please read on for an introduction on who we are and (more importantly?) who Oslo is 🙂

Oslo as a puppy. Cutest EVER!

To start with, we (Oslo’s Parents) are Tamara & Justin. We live in beautiful Vancouver, BC with our two French Bulldogs Jersey & Oslo. Oslo is our 3 year old Frenchie. He is our first bulldog & the love of our lives. He is lover of all people, treats, cuddles, a good game of fetch & watching ‘The Dog Whisperer’. He goes by many names, “Oslo” is his official name… However, “Gooza”, “Gooze”, “Pig” & “Piggy” are also common monickers!

The piggiest pumpkin in the neighbourhood!

Up until yesterday- he has been a wonderfully healthy boy. Besides some bouts with tummy-troubles (which can be blamed on his appreciation for food of ANY origin– including garbage bins) we have never had any health problems with this little guy. He’s a 27lb sack of pure love!

Looking very regal, indeed!

However, this all changed the day before yesterday. Following a play at the park, I noticed that he was acting very different. Anyone who has had a sick child, or a sick dog, can relate to this…. You just KNOW something is not right. We brought him into the vet  and he was simply diagnosed with Heat Exhaustion. “Too much fun in the sun,” said the vet. “Let him rest a bit.” A mere 3 hours after that appointment we were BACK at the vet. His general lethargy had turned into downright physical pain– he was quivering uncontrollably, his abdomen & sides were tender to the touch, he could NOT get comfortable no matter what position he was laying in, and (most heart breaking of all) he was grunting and sniffling in pain almost constantly.

Listen. My dog is tough. I’ve seen this dog run head-first at full speed into the corners of the coffee table and not even flinch. For him to audibly & physically show signs of pain was a huge huge huge red flag.

Our vet met us back at the clinic and decided to take Oslo for the nigh. At this point she was suspecting a tummy-bug and the hope was that a good nights sleep, some fluids via IV, some pain-meds and getting him started on antibiotics would do the trick… Only, that wasn’t the case At 4:30 am I received a call from the vet letting me know that Oslo was now exhibiting some lameness in his back legs. A quick Xray revealed some definitely spinal issues– namely, a condition called ‘IVDD’ & what appears to be a herniated disc(s).

We went in and spoke with the vet this morning to ask some questions and to see our sweet boy. Unfortunately, many of our questions will be best answered by a Specialist– and we will be going to see one of those this afternoon. Seeing Oslo was heart breaking. Seeing my sweet little pig in a pen at the vet, with tubes coming out of him, obviously scared and uncomfortable was almost more than I could bear. Please keep our sweet boy in your thoughts and check back here for updates. I am sure there will be many in the coming days.


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