We have heard from the Vet.

Oslo is recovering well. He’s alert and well taken care of! He has regained full sensation in one leg, but we are still waiting on this other. This is normal and to be expected though– considering the fact that prior to surgery one legs was more ‘damaged’ than the other. The vet expects that given another day or two, both legs will come around. He still will not be allowed/able to WALK (as too much movement could be disastrous to his delicate spine) but it will be a huge weight off our shoulders when we know that his 2nd leg is ‘back in the game’ so to speak.

I will be going to visit him this afternoon to bring him a bone to chew on, a blanket that smells like home, and some of his normal dog food. However, The Vet Technician in the Neuro-Surgery ICU was kind enough to send us a few photos of the little Pig. They are not the best quality but I thought that you would all like to see how he is doing. I am very appreciative to her for taking the time out of her busy day to oblige my request for a photo. The care he is receiving truly is outstanding.

He looks like such a sad birthday boy 😦


2 thoughts on “Recovery.

  1. Awww. He looks so miserable in that photograph. Poor thing. I really hope everything will work out fine! Much hugs to you and Justin. ❤

  2. Dear Oslo, I know you are so scared and so confused right now, but trust me: even when you couldn’t smell them or see them around, your mom and dad were there with you. And you know what else? So many people and pups are there, too. We are all pulling for you and hope that you are feeling better so very soon. If Boykins were with you, she would definitely give you a little nudge and lick of love, then curl up next to you to protect you as best she could. Get well soon, little guy. xo.

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