Current Balance.

I am still amazed at the outpouring of donations Oslo has received. I cannot believe that we exceeded $3,000 in just 24 hours of fundraising. We are so blessed!! I went to bed last night with my heart so full of love, gratitude and appreciation.

Today is Friday and it’s Day 2 Post-Op for the Little Pig. Unfortunately, I have to work today (I took the last 2 days off to deal with all the craziness) so I am not sure if I’ll be able to go visit Oslo… If we can’t make it today, we will be going first thing tomorrow morning! I will definitely be calling the Clinic today (at the very least) to get an update and find out how he did over night & will fill you all in once I hear.

We received an email last night from the Vet informing us our current balance.

We currently owe $5,727.36.

The good news is that it’s LESS than what we thought it would be by this point– and that is wonderful! The bad news is that we still have another 2 days (at least) of in-hospital care, plus whatever drugs he will need to come home with. So this total will absolutely be going up. The Clinic will email us every day with an ‘updated balance’ though so that when it comes time to pay the bill, there wont be any big surprises. We’re hoping that the next few days in the hospital will be complication-free and that Oslo will be able to come home slightly under the originally quoted price of $7,000. How great would that be?! However,- for the time being we are more concerned about his HEALTH and well being and we will worry about the bill when the time comes.

We just want to be upfront with you all about the cost of this stay because we know that so many of you have generously donated your hard-earned dollars to the cause. Please know that we appreciate every red-penny that you have given and each one will be spent with the utmost care. Knowing that all of YOU are standing behind us, wishing Oslo well & sending us your positive thoughts gives us such strength and courage. We are eternally grateful.


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