We did it!

anything for attention! a video by TamaraL on Flickr.

It’s 11pm on Oslo’s 3rd birthday… And right now, our donation counter is at $3,220.94. That means that we met our goal of “$3000 for 3”. You guys are amazing.

Let me say that once more… YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!

To say ‘Thank You’, I am going to share one of my favorite videos of Oslo & I of all time. This is my dog who will let you do absolutely anything to him, as long as it means that he’s getting attention.


2 thoughts on “We did it!

  1. We love you Oslo and know you’re gonna make it through this at superhero speed!!! Sending all our love always!!!!

  2. That video cracked me up. Didz does the same deal when I torture him with similar antics, just goes all limp and “love me.” It’s all good as long as he’s being petted … good thoughts to the Os-man for a quick recovery.

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