Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Click the above link to read a .PDF of the care instructions that Oslo’s Surgeon is sending home with Oslo. The bit about ‘manual expression of urine’ is what freaks me out the most. And not even for the ‘ick’ factor (it’s just pee– whatever) but it just seems very… complicated and invasive. We have the option of bringing him back to the Vet to do it “once or twice a day” but let’s be real…. We can’t afford that, nor is it fair to put Oslo through the stress of multiple trips to & from the Veterinarian that often. No, I’ll just have to put on my big girl pants and learn how to do it… Thankfully this will NOT last forever. He will come home with his catheter still in place. He will likely have that removed at some point next week. THEN, between the catheter removal and whenever he regains full muscle control over his bladder I will have to ‘help him out’.  My hope is that this stage wont last longer than a week or two. Less would be better! Ha! But hey- we’ll do what we gotta do! He’s worth it.


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