He’s home!

We went to pick up Oslo this morning. He is looking so much better than he did when I saw him at 1 Day Post Op. His incision is healing so well.

Before we could take him home, we had to be shown how to properly care for him (clean his catheter, give meds, etc). The technicians who were giving the demos were great, but Oslo seemed really stressed and anxious during this period. I think that he was just nervous that we were going to go & leave him there again.

It was breaking our hearts.

Fortunately, the second we got him home & situated in his crate he calmed down ENORMOUSLY. It was like he breathed a massive sigh of relief the second we walked in the door.

We were instructed to give him a small meal upon getting settled, which he gobbled right up.

He is very happy to be home and we are thrilled to have him back!


One thought on “He’s home!

  1. He will totally heal quicker and better at home, no doubt! There is no care that can compare to care he will receive from you and Justin! Give the little gooze a gentle squeeze from me, will you?

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