Today’s Balance

We have recieved our ‘Daily Balance’ email from the kindly folks at Oslo’s Vet…. Here is a screen shot::



This will, of course, go up substantially as this is a total for July 8th at 1030 am. By the time we pick up Oslo tomorrow, it will have been a full 24hrs of additional Vet Care. At this point, I am not holding my breath for us to come in *below* the quoted price of $7000…. Instead, I will simply be happy if we can come in at/around that price.

We also have to remember that Oslo will require a substantial amount of ‘after care’ which will require further visits to the Clinic, further exams & medications and even Physio-Therapy. *Sigh* This will be a long, expensive road & the journey has only just begun. So! (I know I sound like a broken record here) please please please KEEP DONATING. We are at 51% right now! That’s officially more than half-way there 🙂


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