Tomorrow is the day!

Got some good news from the Vet today. Oslo gets to come home tomorrow!

We have an appointment to pick him up at 10:30am. Before going home with him, they will take some time to chat with us about his care and what to expect. Still though, I am pretty terrified of him being back home. The amount of care that he will require is daunting. I’ve had a special-needs dog before… but this will be a whole new ball game & I feel like I am a bit out of my league. However, we are fortunate to know another couple who’s own dog (another Frenchie!) has gone through this before… and they have been fabulous and are going to come over tomorrow afternoon to help us get settled, give us some tips & advice, and also lend us some gear that we desperately need (so that we don’t have to BUY more stuff that we can’t afford). Thank goodness for them!

And thank goodness for YOU! Did you know that we have officially raised 51% of our $7000 goal?  We are more than half way there! Please don’t stop spreading the word though– we still have a long way to go.



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