Last night.

I didn’t manage much sleep last night.

I’m really concerned about him getting tangled in his Catheter tubing (it’s already happened once). So, every time I heard Oslo shift or stir in his crate, I would come running out of bed to check on him in his crate. I felt like I was getting up every 20 minutes, and even when I wasn’t UP, I was barely sleeping because I was listening for Oslo the whole time. *sigh*

Eventually I just decided to come out and sleep on the sofa… that way, when I hear him move around, all I need to do it sit up & look over to check on him. I slept MUCH better after I’d moved- thank goodness.

I’m sure that my concern over him getting tangled and pulling out his catheter is probably a bit unfounded… But I can’t help it. I’m hoping that in the days to come I’ll be able to relax a bit. But right now, I’m just worried and I’ll be sleeping on the sofa.


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