poop victories

I apologize in advance if the talk of bowel movements, catheter bags & incision sites ick any of you out. I know it’s not exactly dinner-table conversation around this blog lately. If you would rather not know about these things, please skip this blog posting 😉

…… And on that note—


Outside, in the proper place, while we were standing behind him supporting/holding his rear end in the ‘poop squat’ position, no less! This is wonderful! It was a small poop (I’ll spare you the exact size/consistency details) but it was a poop nonetheless… And the fact that he did it voluntarily, while we were encouraging him means that he definitely has some muscle control down in that end.

We were told that it could take “several days” for him to have a BM upon coming home…. so it’s wonderful that he’s ALREADY done it. Way to go Oslo!


2 thoughts on “poop victories

  1. Awesome… it’s funny how the little things make us happy. We were the same with Sam, especially when he used his back leg to scratch his chin!

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