Another poop!

(I’m sorry for this post, in advance)

Oslo just took another poop!!

This one was even better than the last!

He was in his crate and kept nudging the door with his nose/face. This is unlike him, so I figured that maybe he was trying to tell us that he needed to go outside. He loaded him up in my arms and out we went. We put him down in the same place we went to earlier today, helped him into his ‘poo position’ and he did the rest. This time is was a normal sized, normal consistency, all-around-normal poo!

I know that some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking “So what!” but seriously… this is incredible. Our dog who had EXTREMELY invasive surgery only 3 days ago, our dog who is still semi-paralyzed from the waist down, our dog who still has a catheter in, is not only informing us of when he has to go #2, but he is also able & willing to push out normal poops while we hover over him, holding him up into position.

This is so awesome. We seriously almost took a photo of the poop because we were so proud of it!



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