Check Up

Mr. Pig is at the Vet today having a check up. We had to drop him off this morning and will go pick him back up again this afternoon. There are a few fairly thorough exams that they need to do to make sure that things are looking good… But things seem like they have been going great at home, so I am hopeful that the appointment will go well.

I am crossing my fingers VERY tightly that yesterdays success with the poops might mean that he can have his catheter removed for good today. I was nervous before about the whole having to manually ‘help’ him go pee once the catheter was out… but after a couple days dealing with him getting tangled in those God-forsaken catheter tubes, I would SO many rather just manually ‘express’ the little guy. The catheter is awful!

Keep your fingers crossed for our Squishy-Faced Boy!


One thought on “Check Up

  1. I’m crossing my eyes too! (you need your rest as well, and that catheter out would be a tremendous milestone to reach)

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