Doing some physical therapy exercises with Oslo this morning. This is his ‘bicycle’ exercise. I like to do this one while singing, “I want to ride my bicycle! I want to ride my bike!” Justin thinks I’m strange… I think I’m funny  (our opinion often differs on this subject).

In other ‘Exercising The Pig’ news… I wanted to take this moment to exclaim/brag/tell you all about how incredibly awesome our dog-walkers are. Prior to Oslo’s injury (… like…uh, last week) we had a Husband/Wife dog walking team who would come by 3x a week for us. I have been emailing with them all throughout this entire ordeal and they have been wonderfully supportive & encouraging. Now that Oslo is home, they took time out of their day to come over (unpaid) last night to check up on him and get the run down from us as to his new, special needs.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have blamed them if they wanted to quit… This is not the job that they signed up for! But, not only have they not quit; they have offered their services to us FREE OF CHARGE for the rest of the month of July! We are blown away by their dedication & compassion. They are beyond wonderful. If you’re in Vancouver and you’re looking for an amazing dog-walker- You should check out their website. Even if you’re NOT looking for a dog-walker, you should send them a note to tell them how awesome they are.


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