Take a good look at this photo… Notice something missing (besides the fur down Oslo’s back)??

That’s right!

Oslo got his catheter out today!!

Oslo had his vet check up today, where he spent the majority of the afternoon under observation. They said that he is doing VERY well and were pretty amazed by how much use he has of his back legs. He is faaaar from walking, or even standing independently for any amount of time, but he can push against them in order to turn in his crate, and he can hold a ‘squat’ for a few seconds by himself. And! Best of all! They said that when they removed the catheter and took him outside for a ‘trail pee’, he went all by himself. No need to ‘express him’ (squeeze his tummy to push on his bladder).

That doesn’t mean that he’ll go pee without help EVERY time… but it’s wonderful none the less.  Oslo will also need to be watched fairly closely for urinary tract infections. UTIs are common in dogs who are recovering from this sort of surgery. Fortunately, we will be able to bring him to our regular veterinarian for those.. which is great because they are WAY closer to home.

I am just SO glad to be rid of that awful catheter! And by the look on Oslo’s face- he is too!


One thought on “WOOHOO

  1. That is such amazing news, I glad it was what you were hopeing for. Give Oslo a great big kiss from me and hola.

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