Back to work.

Today was the first day that Oslo had to spend the day alone since this whole ordeal began. We wish we didn’t have to leave him, but now more than ever we need to be at work, bringing home that bacon. Mr. Pig did VERY well though. Our dog walkers came by mid-day to potty him & give him lovings, and then my husband also came home from work briefly mid-afternoon to check up on him.

We have been noticing, since having his catheter out that he’s been a bit incontinent and ‘leaky’. It’s not a huge deal– It just means that we change his bedding more often (we were doing it once a day, and now we’re doing it 3+ times a day) to make sure that he stays clean & dry. We are also giving him gentle sponge baths several times a day (legs & tummy only) to make sure that no residual urine sticks around and bothers his skin. I suppose it all works out to be more work for us than the catheter was, but I honestly MUCH prefer this. That catheter was the pits!

I am going to need to stop by a Thrift Store tomorrow to pick up some cheap, old towels. Because of his incontinence we’re going through bedding pretty quickly (one towel every few hours).

I picked him up a new antler on the way home. He was very happy to get it!


4 thoughts on “Back to work.

  1. Hey, check Value Village if you can get to one, they always have ‘bags’ of towels. Ask someone if you don’t see them right off… depending on the store they are between 2 and 4 bucks a bag. You usually get 8 to 12 towels to a bag.

    Just be sure you wash them before you use them – contrary to popular belief they do NOT launder anything.

      1. I was going to say puppy pads will work until he can wear one, but from reading the blog it sounds like you’re already doing that.

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