Rain rain go away

Hey everyone!

I have the day off work today and I am very happy to get to spend it at home, watching over Oslo. He’s doing well, though I think that he is entering the stage in his recovery where he wants to get up a GO even though he doesn’t quite have the physical ability to do so. It’s getting harder & harder to keep him quiet & still. He also hates being in his crate away from us, so we often will set him up on a blanket in whatever room we are in. He’s pretty good following directions to ‘stay’, but we have to watch him. Sometimes when we turn our back he’ll scuttle like a lightening bolt across the floor. It’s seriously amazing how fast he can army crawl, while dragging his legs. I’d laugh if it were so pathetically sad!

I am bringing one of his urine samples into his vet today for them to do a urinalysis with.  We just need to make sure that this little guy doesn’t have any sort of a UTI. He doesn’t have any symptoms, but UTIs are very common in dogs who don’t have full control over their bladder, so we need to check him out for them 1-2 times a week. I’m just glad that I can bring in a sample and I don’t have to bring HIM in. Thank goodness for that.

Oslo is NOT happy with the rain today!


One thought on “Rain rain go away

  1. Sounds like its nearing time to set up the ex pen. I would sit inside there with Sam and if I had to go up, I know he can’t crawl too far. BTW. You can take out sections of the ex pen and make it as small as a box (4 sections). At that size, it’s almost the same size as his crate, but isn’t as confined at the top.

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