Potty & Playtime

Oslo does better & better every single day. We’re still doing a lot of pee’ing over here, but it seems more infrequent (or maybe I am just getting better at getting him outside in time?). We also decided, several days ago actually, to give up taking him OUTSIDE for all his potty breaks.

We *had* been loading him up and taking him down the elevator, through the lobby, and to the nearest grassy patch… But it didn’t take us long to realize how stressful that was for Oslo, how stressful for us, and how time consuming it got. We want to keep his ‘routine’ as normal as possible, but it just wasn’t realistic to do that every hour or two. So, we’ve resort instead to having him go on a puppy pad on the patio. We toyed with the idea of getting him one of those Dog Potty Grass Patch things… but ultimately decided that it wouldn’t be the wisest use of money. This should just a temporary phase in his recovery anyway, and I don’t see the point in spending money on something like that when puppy pads, for now, work just fine.

In new developments… Oslo initiated play with our other dog, Jersey today!

…. Wait.. I haven’t mentioned Jersey much in this blog, have I?

Well! Oslo has a ‘brother’ (of no genetic relation! hah) named Jersey. Jersey is also a french bulldog but is much younger– 8 months old. They two have been best buddies since since well… since forever. Not having his usual playmate as his disposal has definitely been rough on our little Jersey… but overall he has been SO great with this whole situation and has really blown us away with how caring, tender & well behaved he’s been.

Today  I had Oslo out of his pen on the floor & was giving him a massage. Jersey came around to get in on the massage action.. and before I knew it, the dogs started playing. Obviously Oslo’s mobility is limited… and I was VERY nervous about Oslo twisting too much and hurting himself, or Jersey being too tough… But ultimately I decided to let them have a nice, easy go at it for a little bit. They’ve clearly missed each other! It’s the sweetest thing. Video to come.


2 thoughts on “Potty & Playtime

  1. With Sam it was like having a new puppy. Before surgery he was okay not going for 5+hours after he came home he seemed to need to go every hour or more, and we had lots of accidents. It was about 6 months before Sam was back to his normal schedule. Oslo will get there, especially with you two looking after him !)

  2. Poor little muffin.It is temporary and he has two wonderful people to get him through. If you find yourself using a lot of puppy pads, check out medical supply stores. They have a slightly larger ‘human’ version in packs of 50 and are a lot less expensive.

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