uneventful day

Aside from the Raffle Draw, today was fairly uneventful. We had to goto the Pet Supply Store to buy some more puppy pads, a lot of laundry was done, I caught up on some housekeeping, and we did Oslo’s exercises. Nothing exciting! But you know? After the week we had last week– a day like today was way over due!

Here is  photo of Oslo’s incision today. Look at how much his fur has grown back. I think it’s looking fabulous! We are hoping that the staples will be able to come out soon.

As I mentioned earlier, we raised over $650 with Oslo’s Raffle ($670 to be exact). I have adjusted Oslo’s ChipIn.com Page to reflect these new numbers. Unfortunately, I am not able to adjust the ‘total amount donated’, however I could adjust the total GOAL amount to be raised. So, I simply brought the goal amount down from $7,000 to $6,330. With the raffle funds taken into account, we are now 71% of the way there. How awesome!


2 thoughts on “uneventful day

  1. I’m so happy for you! If this happens to Boomer again, I will have no choice but to raise the funds. You should be very proud of yourself. You’ve done an incredible job getting the financial obligation taken care of. Kudos to you!

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