Staples are coming out!

I was able to make an appointment for Oslo to have his staples out tomorrow! We’re excited! He’ll obviously still have a long way to go, but not seeing those 28 brutal staples will be so wonderful. Photos to come, of course!

Oslo is getting increasingly restless in his pen. When we have him out of his pen, he’s always trying to scoot along the floor. It’s a constant effort to keep him happy & occupied but also keep him physically safe. I’m honestly not sure HOW delicate he even is, and HOW much movement we can safely tolerate. If he had his way he’d be out, scuttling along the floor, playing with Jersey and doing whatever he wanted 24/7! I suppose those are questions/concerns for the vet tomorrow.


One thought on “Staples are coming out!

  1. Good luck Oslo, you’re losing your ‘zipper’ and your coat will grow back in no time! A very important milestone in your recovery. You may always have a little scar but it will be a reminder of how brave you’ve been, we’re all so proud of you little man. x

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