UTI free!

I brought a Urine Sample into our Vet today (for the 2nd time). Oslo is supposed to be tested at least 1x per week for UTIs until he is able to go to the bathroom entirely on his own. I’m happy to report that, again, Oslo’s urine came back totally normal & clear of any signs of infection. He’s doing great!

We will need to go back at least another 1-2x with a sample, but we’re hoping that if we keep doing what we are doing, we won’t have any issues.

In other news– I will be away this weekend so I will not be able to update again until Monday. As some of you know, I am a US Greencard Holder. However, because I am now living back in Canada I need to get something called a ‘re-entry permit’. This will allow me to live abroad  (in Canada, specifically) for a few years without forfeiting my Greencard. Unfortunately for me, in order to get this permit, I have to attend a meeting/appointment in SANTA ROSA, California. I have no say over the location or the time/date of the appointment and simply have to show up when they tell me to. Goody! The appointment & travel plans were made long before Oslo came down with his spinal issue, so I really have no choice but to attend.

Fortunately !Justin, my most wonderful husband, is not required to attend the appointment so he will remain back home. Oslo will get plenty of TLC in my absence, although his blog will not get quite as many updates!


2 thoughts on “UTI free!

  1. Such a small world! We reside in Santa Rosa. Circumstances aren’t optimal but we hope you have a lovely visit. All our best to Oslo.

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