Hi everyone! I am back from California and settled back into our normal routine here. My trip was good– I got everything with the kindly folks at US Immigration dealt with. It’s so irritating funny that the entire purpose of that trip was  one 10 minute appointment. But anyone who has ever dealt with the joys of immigration knows that that’s how it goes!

Oslo had a good weekend with Justin. Apparently he didn’t have a SINGLE accident in this pen the entire time I was gone. At least, that’s what Justin says 😛 Of course, the moment I showed up he started up where he left off with me— accidents. *sigh* I think that I just have to admit that Justin might be better at ‘expressing’ Oslo than I am. I can’t seem to get him totally empty, and it results in leaking later on. Oh well, since Justin is go good at helping him potty, I’ve officially tasked him with the job all the time! Congratulations, Justin!

With that said– Oslo is gaining more & more control over his bladder every day, and will even ‘start’ peeing by himself when we take him out to go. He needs some help completely emptying his bladder, but it’s great that he can get the ball rolling. He’s also been very consistent with his #2’s and generally has one in the evening, and one at night when we take him out. We haven’t had a single incident of diarrhea since he’s come home. It’s been wonderful!

Other news is that Oslo’s Vet reached out to us to let us know that it’s now time for Oslo to begin Rehab/Physio Therapy! It is absolutely something that we will be pursuing and we are looking forward to getting started. Hopefully he can do his first appointment later this week. He will likely need to go 1-2x per week for at least a few weeks. We hope that our TLC combined with help from the Therapists at CanWest can get Oslo up & walk ASAP!

Speaking of getting up & walking– Just an update on where Oslo is with that. He is not able to raise his rear end from a sitting to a standing position on his own. We have to pop him up & adjust his legs/feet so that they are in the right positions… however, after we have ‘assembled’ him, he is able to hold that position with his own strength and stand for a good 10-15 seconds. We have to stay close though because once he fatigues, he fatigues QUICKLY and goes from standing nicely to total collapse in about .05 seconds flat. Where he is at with his physical development is completely normal (and actually even considered fairly advanced) for dogs in his situation so we (and his doctors) are not concerned in the slightest.

Leaving you now with a photo of Oslo’s incision, taken just now. Looks awesome, right??


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