A little bit of backstory here… Oslo’s crate is pen/bed is set up in ‘layers’ like this:



Puppy Pads.

Folded, thick, fleece blanket for lots of ‘padding’.



We also have several little blankets on TOP of all of this so that we can ‘tuck him in’ and cover him up. Well… Apparently this is not good enough and it has been Oslo’s ultimate mission to get himself down, BENEATH all of this.

Oslo likes to be tucked in. He’s the sort of dog who, if you let him sleep in your bed, wants to be UNDER your covers, pressed up against your legs. When snoozing on the sofa he prefers to be under the throw blanket. When in his crate he liked to dig all his blankets until he has crafted himself a little nest. What can I say- he likes to be cozy.

Lately we’ve noticed that Oslo has been trying to ‘make a nest’ in his pen. Without full use of his back legs this is pretty ridiculous to see! We discourage it though because, quite frankly, it looks like a lot of work for the poor guy and we don’t want him to hurt himself in all that digging and circling and nuzzling & hopping. So, whenever we see/hear him snuffling around in there we check on him and make sure that he’s not up to his silly, nesting antics. Try as hard as we might to discourage this, he finds time to do it. Often we go out and come home to find his pen in complete disaray, and Oslo’s snoring happily underneath everything.

This morning was one of those times.

We woke up to find Oslo like this:

Look at him! Completely under even his fleece ‘padding’ blanket!! Unbelievable! And he’s giving me the, “…. I didn’t do it.” look, too. Little rascal!

How he managed to accomplish this without being able to fully stand or otherwise use his rear legs is beyond me. I suppose Oslo is teaching us that with a  little time & determination, one can really do anything they set their mind to!


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