We signed Oslo (& Jersey) back up for health insurance again today.

Some of you may or may not know that we were insured before (for 2 years!). One morning we received notice that our monthly premium was being increased from $50 a month, to $150 a month. We had never filed a claim & we had never missed a payment, so we were pretty taken back by this sudden, outrageous increase. We cancelled our coverage & failed to seek out coverage immediately.

Big mistake. HUGE mistake. If only we knew then that less than 2 months later Oslo would be having emergency spinal surgery, costing us $7,000+…. If I could hop into a DeLorean and undo that, I would. *sigh*

Anyway. Instead of wallowing in the ‘could’a, should’a, would’a’s’ we  simply decided to use this as a very expensive ‘learning experience’ & get these dogs reinsured. Of course, anything Spine-Related with Oslo will never be covered because it’s now a pretty huge “pre-existing condition”, but we will still sleep easier at night knowing that if anything else happens we won’t be totally bankrupted… again.



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