I have had a few people ask me what sort of exercises we are doing at home with Oslo, so I thought I might share the worksheets. We don’t generally do ALL of these exercises in each round… We find that Oslo gets a bit tired.. So we usually pick 3-4 and do just those, then switch it up the next time. It’s hard work to make time to do these 2-3x a day, but we do our best!


I wanted add– if your dog has a spinal issue, PLEASE consult a professional before attempting any of these exercises at home. Every injury is different.. and you could seriously harm you dog by having them do an exercise that is not appropriate to their specific needs & restrictions.


2 thoughts on “Exercises

  1. I know Oslo is doing water treadmill, which is what Paris did, is he doing swimming as well? Our rehabilitation therapist put Paris in a floatation vest (with top handle!) and as soon as she was in the water her legs instantly kicked into gear – survival instinct apparently. We caught this on video as it was like watching a miracle happen where her brain fully connected to her back legs. Before she started swimming she was doing well but as soon as she started swimming she literally tripled in her progress. Just a suggestion if he’s not to give it a go a couple of times a week for a few weeks. We’re so proud of him and are loving the photos every day.

    1. I’d LOVE to get Oslo into a pool to do some swimming. Unfortunately, our Rehab isn’t set up for that… and we don’t have a pool at our disposal to do it ourselves. We do have an especially deep bathtub though… and I gotta say– I have considered filling it up, getting a life jacket on him and seeing what he can do! Though, I dont want to do anything like that until I get a thumbs up from his rehab therapist!

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