Oslo at Rehab

We were able to attend Oslo’s rehab appointment with him today. It was very cool to see what they do with him, and especially cool to see him in the tank, on the underwater treadmill.

They started with some work on the exercise ball and doing ‘sit to stands’ where we encourage Oslo to go from a proper sitting position to a stand & back again. Then it was onto the  ‘Cavalli’ Course, which is basically just low-bars set up on the ground. The point is to get him to coordinate his legs enough to step over each one as he approaches.

Then it was onto the Tank/Underwater treadmill! Oslo goes into the tank while it’s empty (with a therapist in there with him) and then they are able to fill the tank to a pre-set level. The water is quite warm and comfortable. Once the water is where it should be, they start the treadmill.

After about 10 tiring minutes in the tank, Oslo had enough and it was time to dry him off and move onto the next part of his appointment.

To wrap up his appointment, they did his ElectroMuscular & Laser therapies. It sounds scary, but it’s really not. The ‘Laser’ is simply a wand, passed over his spine that emits light & heat. There is no ‘zapping’ and it doesn’t hurt him. The light & heat simply reduces any inflammation. Oslo was very relaxed during this process and mostly seemed happy to just have so many hands touching & massaging him.

While he was having his Laser Therapy, he was also doing his Electro Muscular therapy. 4 pads were stuck to his left leg (the leg he has most trouble with) and they off & on sent gently electrical currents into his muscles. Again, it SOUNDS painful, but it’s really not. It’s no different than those silly ‘ab working’ electric pads that were all the range in 2001.

And then our hour was up and it was time to go home! Oslo has 3 more appointments left over the next 3 weeks. We will evaluate at that point how many more (if any) we want to do. It’ll come down to how much progress he makes and how much further he has to go. It was great to attend this appointment! We’re super proud of Oslo!


6 thoughts on “Oslo at Rehab

  1. Tracy, Boomer had about 3 weeks of PT 2 X week. I’m glad we did it. I did expect he be normal at the end and when he wasn’t I wondered why, but now I understand that it takes time. Next week will be two months since his surgery. He is so much better and now I understand it takes time, their own time. My bet is Oslo will do the same. The fact is, if Boomer doesnt recover anymore its okay as long as he’s happy and well taken care of. I ❤ him.
    Thank you for sharing his PT adventure with us. Your account of it was great.

    1. Absolutely. These things take time and you really can’t put a date on it. I have heard that it can take some dogs up to a year before they make anywhere near a “full” recovery… Other dogs come around in a few weeks.. Other dogs never quite go back to ‘normal’. And, of course, there is everything in between. Unfortunately, Oslo will not remain in rehab for the entire duration of his recovery. We simply can’t afford more than 6-8 weeks of it. But I definitely feel like the rehab has given us a good frame work from which to build.

  2. Absolutely incredible!!!!!! You’re doing such an amazing job Oslo and all your fans all over the world are super proud of you!!!! Keep up the great work lil man – you’re an inspiration to us all!!!

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