back home!

My apologies for the absence the last few days. I was away this past weekend attending (and photographing!) a friends wedding in Denver, CO. It was a long, fun, busy weekend and I missed my boys terribly!

I always feel bad leaving Justin with both dogs– he manages just fine and does a great job, but it is a lot of work taking care of both of them and I always feel a bit guilty! However, as Oslo gets more & more able bodied it does get a bit easier. Speaking of which, I was pretty amazed to see how well Oslo is walking/standing. I swear, every single day there is a notable improvement.

I had him out of his pen, in the office (which is carpeted) with me while I played some e-mail catch up. Oslo & Jersey were both in there, and it was everything I could do to keep the two from playing too roughly. Oslo was also up and walking around– walking easily from the dog-bed that we keep under the desk, at our feet, to the mat that I had laid down for him in the middle of the room. He’s wobbly, but efficient and quick! All the sling walking seems to be paying off!


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