this little piggy put on his clothes

. I have a secret. It’s shameful & ridiculous… but I need to come clean.


I love seeing dogs in clothing.

There! I said it! I know that some people have very strong feelings about dogs in clothing.. but I just have to be honest. I generally think it’s pretty adorable, if not a little ridiculous.  My old dog, Ben (a jack russell terrier, who I sadly said goodbye to last summer) had many different shirts, sweaters, jackets,  bandanas and (dare I admit it?) halloween costumes.

Oslo used to also have a pretty cute collection of outfits… but as he has gotten bigger it has become almost impossible to find clothing that FITS him. Any of you who have bulldogs (English, French or other) can likely relate to my frustrations… Bulldogs have very wide necks, shoulders & rib cages and do not fit comfortably into ‘normal’ doggy-clothing.

I’d love to get Oslo & Jersey a couple of cute t-shirts, and some new winter/fall sweaters and jackets… but it’s impossible hard to find anything. However! I did stumble across this website today, and it has me rather excited. Their selection is admittedly a bit limited, but what they do have it cute cute cute and looks perfectly made for Bully-Bodies.

If you’re like me and you think that there is nothing cuter than a adorable dog in an adorable sweater or t-shirt- Feel free to send links to your favorite bulldog-boutiques. I love seeing what’s out there!


3 thoughts on “this little piggy put on his clothes

  1. I can SO relate to this, fortunately a friend of ours has one of the biggest dogwear businesses in Oz and she custom makes all of Paris’ outfits for no more than what the garment costs regularly. She has LOADS of Frenchy clients for that very reason. Here is her website. Her clothing is not only beautiful and stylish but it lasts and lasts. Our garments have been washed so may times and look as new as the day we got them. Just email her Oslos measurements, and if not sure contact her and she’ll be most helpful. We have approx. 30x outfits!

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