more freedom

As Oslo has become more & more mobile & physically independent we’ve been able to allow him out of his pen more & more. He has to stay in rooms/areas that are carpeted, but that’s fine. He seems to know that the hardwood is slippery and won’t even really try to walk on it. It’s wonderful to see him have more freedom and do ‘normal’ dog things– like follow us from one room to the next, or  lay down at our feet, or chew a bone happily in the middle of the room.

I can’t tell who is happier to have Oslo out of his pen– Oslo or Jersey. Jersey gets very excited with his ‘big brother’ is out. This is cute and all, but we have to watch the two of them closely. Jersey is now 3lbs heavier than Oslo and wants to play, play, play. I’m happy to let them interact, but the wrestling and tumbling, and general shenanigans makes my heart leap into my throat.

Jersey has also become a bit of a pest and loves to steal the bones/toys that Oslo has. It doesn’t seem to matter WHAT it is– If Oslo has it, Jersey wants it. Generally he’ll ‘take’ the items by approaching Oslo casually…. then suddenly jumping, and collapsing/rolling over onto Oslo’s head. When Oslo recoils in surprise, Jersey snags the toy/bone/whatever  proudly like he’s the Cock of the Walk. Poor, handicapped Oslo! I’d feel worse for him if Oslo didn’t pull this exact same move on Jersey when Jersey was a small puppy.  I guess he’s now getting a taste of his own medicine!


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