Watching TV

We watched BraveHeart last night. Oslo was invited up onto the sofa for a snuggle-fest while we watched. He was VERY interested in the horses. Every time a horse came up on the screen, he’d poke his little head up and watch intently. What’s strange is if he sees dogs on TV, he will bark at them… But he didn’t bark at the horses. He just found them fascinating. I’ve heard that dogs (supposedly) don’t have very good eye-sight… but sometimes I wonder about that. If my Frenchie can clearly distinguish a Horse from a Dog on a television set, I think that means that he can plainly see the difference!


2 thoughts on “Watching TV

  1. I have been a bad follower….it’s so good to know that Oslo is making great progress! He is such a cutie! Our Frenchie also seems to be very interested in horses. We live in Lynn Valley nearby a pen with horses and he is completely mesmerized by them everytime we pass by. Stitch will follow their movements and will trot up and down the fence to try and get a better look at the long-legged creatures! He doesn’t bark at them, just huffs and puffs….

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