Rehab & Blackberries

Oslo had his 5th rehab appointment today. I was excited to drop him off today because my girlfriend (who is kind enough to chauffeur Oslo & I all around town) had planned to pick blackberries while we waited for him. We each brought alone a large bowl especially for it. So, with Oslo safely in the hands of the folks a CanWest Rehab, and an hour to kill, we set to work.

In our area of British Columbia, Black Berry Bushes (often upwards of 6 feet tall, and impossibly thick) grow like weeds along roads, sidewalks, train tracks and really anyplace that hasn’t been cleared and maintained. The berries ripen all summer and by late August/Early September they are usually ripe to pick. I spent countless hours as a child picking black berries for my Mother to turn into jams & pies. We would pick for hours, collecting bucket after bucket of berries (and eating more than our fill while we were at it!).

Well, today Amanda & I only had an hour and we only had one bowl each… But man, did we make use of them both! In an hour Amanda was able to pick over 8lbs of berries, I was able to pick 5.5lbs.. (We know the weight because before collecting Oslo we weighed our bowls on the scale at the Vet Clinic, ha!) With our bowls adequately full & our hands/arms adequately stained and scratched we went back to retrieve Oslo.

Amanda shows off her berry-stained hands!

Now I am home and brainstorming how I will ever possibly use all these blackberries! My Mom never did teach me how to can, so making Jam right now isn’t possible… And funnily enough, I don’t have much of a taste for fruit pies. I have a feeling that I’ll be sending a lot of blackberry baked goods with Justin to work to give to his coworkers! Oh well– for me the fun is in the collecting and the baking, and not so much in the eating.

what 5.5 lbs of blackberries looks like in your fridge




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