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I never thought I’d say it, but I found myself seriously considering buying a dog-stroller for Oslo. As you know, Oslo can walk– but only on certain terrain (namely, terrain of the  flat & grassy  variety) and not for very long. Also, when he walks he tends to drag his back feet a bit which leads to his poor feet getting quite beat up. We tried putting little booties on him to offer some protection, but he hated it and refused to walk. I would so love to be able to load him up and take him out places– allowing him to walk when he can, but ride safely when he cannot. It would really open up a great big world for our little guy, and it would be great to be able to take walks as a family again.

There is no denying that THIS stroller is pretty awesome…. but, I have got to admit, it’s a bit over the top. Everyone is going to think that we’re crazy! Let’s be honest here, in the past I have seen dogs in strollers and thought to myself “That person is NUTS!”. Of course, I now understand that many dogs simply have mobility issues and strollers can really open up the world for them & improve their quality of life. Judging isn’t fair! But hey, try explaining that to dozens of passers by who are rolling their eyes and throwing daggers of judgement at you.

Perhaps a wagon would be a middle ground? Of course then we have to deal with certain safety concerns– specifically, Oslo JUMPING OUT of the wagon. There’s also the issue of spending money on something only for Oslo to recover so quickly that we don’t put it to much use. I don’t know! I’m torn over here!

Regardless. The next time you see a dog in a stroller- don’t be too quick to judge. It could be our Oslo in there, out for a ride… or one of the countless other dogs like him who have mobility problems and their owners just want them to get a bit of fresh air and feel the sun on their backs.





5 thoughts on “pet strollers

  1. I have a Doggy Ride stroller/trailer (pull behind bike) for Izzy, my frenchie. She loves it! I take it with me traveling so that I can bring her along with me when I’m shopping or whatever. Yeah, some people make their comments as I stroll by with her but then I just remind myself that they obviously aren’t blessed with such happiness like I am with Izzy.

    Anyway, it was a pricey item to buy but totally worth it. You can see them at I think there are 3 or 4 different sizes and you get the accessories so that two dogs can ride in it at the same time. These strollers are pretty cool and very far from a stroller that, say, Paris Hilton would put her toy dogs in! I can’t do anything frilly or I know people will gawk at us when we walk by!

    Let me know what you end up purchasing! There are so many different types of strollers out there!

  2. We too struggled over getting Paris a stroller as after her ordeal she still to this day cannot walk as far as she used to and certainly can’t keep up with our Aussie Bulldog. However I bit the bullet and ordered a very sturdy Jeep Stroller from the US costing us around $600. We haven’t really used it that much but in saying that we have taken it away with us on a couple of occassions when we’ve vacationed with her (leaving our Aussie at home). Pure genius as we realised if we covered it with a muslin cloth we could take her into retaurants, hotels and shopping centres as everyone thinks it’s a baby carriage! As long as she doesn’t snore too loudly it’s all good! Hilarious!!! We lived in fear the first couple of times in case anyone asked to see our beautiful baby but alas no one wants to disturb a sleeping baby either! My nieces particularly loved pushing her around in this and it has a net around it to stop her from leaping out but she seems to know ‘stroller etiquette’ staying very still and being extremely quiet! It’s been VERY advantageous in ways we never thought and yes, as a result I have stopped looking sideways at those who put their fur-babies in strollers like I used to LOL!!!! I can see us in the future with both our fur baby Paris and our human baby in the one stroller, not unlike Miss Tori Spelling with her babies and MimiLaRue! I did alot of reserch and this was by far the best and safest one and worth every cent… (it cost us alot more than what it sells for due to postage but not avail in Oz).

  3. I say do what you want, yes it may be a bit of money to spend but you can always sell it after you are done with it on ebay, or donate it that way your money didn’t just go towards the stroller but a good cause as well. Plus, no money is unreasonable when it comes to a family member, even the furry ones. I say do what you want, your dog will be able to be out more and experience smells, sights, and maybe taste new things! 🙂 And who cares if he recovers quickly after, while he wasn’t able to he would become more mobile 🙂

  4. I was going to recommend a dog trailer for your bike but i saw some other people did the same so I’ll spare the details… they’re super cool, do it!!

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