I was walking Oslo today when I looked down at him, and it occurred to me rather suddenly that all his fur has grown back and he looks like a totally normal dog (he doesn’t walk like one just yet, but we’re working on that!). For so many weeks he had this semi-bald landing-strip up his back that was sort of a dead-give away that this was a dog who had just had major surgery… But yesterday I realized for the first time that that has all grown back in. I am also happy to report that as his fur has grown back in, his scar has also become totally invisible. It’s pretty incredible to see the transformation his body has undergone in just 9 weeks. The body’s ability to heal & restore itself is truly remarkable.



2 thoughts on “re-growth

  1. That’s awesome… this time, Sam’s fur grew back quick, but the previous times, it took months!

    Great to see Oslo doing so well

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