The other day I took Oslo out for a little walk. These days Oslo has about a 2 block threshold before he gets fatigued and his walking gets ‘sloppy’. I try to push him a little bit more every day to build up his strength, but sometimes he’s just spent and needs to be carried home. I’m not going to make the poor thing drag his legs home because I am too prideful to give him a lift. Such is life with a dog who is recovering from spinal surgery. Anyway, I pick Oslo up and start walking the block or two home. With Oslo in my arms, I pass a 30-something year old man who is walking with his young son. As I walk past, I hear the man murmer something down to his son. It took a couple steps before his words sunk in with clarity. He said:

“Look at that lazy dog. Won’t even walk by himself.”

Murderous rage, folks. Muuuuurderous rage. Had I been a more confrontational sort, I would have spun around and told the man where he can shove his assumptions and false accusations. And explained rather bluntly (and with one or two expletives) that my dog is recovering from major spinal surgery and has had to re-learn how to walk. And that while he may get fatigued after just a few blocks, he is just about as far from “lazy” as you are from “polite”! (But alas, I am cowardly so instead I said nothing and am simply ranting about it here, passive aggressively, on the internet.) It angered and hurt me deeply. This is just a prime example of how we can never truly know the stuff that another person/creature is going through. Sometimes it seems like a person is doing something ‘crazy’ or ‘ridiculous’ but in actuality there is a very good, compassionate reason behind it.  Save your harsh judgements.

in positive news… I was able to take Oslo & Jersey out on a walk TOGETHER for the very first time since Oslo’s surgery today! Walking down the sidewalk with my two fabulous Piggies, one leash in each hand… It felt pretty amazing!


3 thoughts on “walking

  1. “This is just a prime example of how we can never truly know the stuff that another person/creature is going through.” Love that and wholeheartedly agree. I’ve fallen in love with Oslo, give him a hug and a kiss from me.

  2. Mean people suck!

    The guy was probably just jealous because Oslo is better looking than his kid 😉 I hope this made you laugh!

  3. I would have said something. . . I have been in similar position and tend to use the moment as a educational opportunity, especially with kids. There is something magical about how a kid reacts to a special needs dog.

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