Oslo’s icky cyst


It appears we fell off the face of the planet for a minute there. It’s been a hectic few weeks. Fortunately, the craziness is limited to just the lives of Oslo’s humans and Oslo himself is doing very well.

We went to his final Rehab appointment, only to realize once arriving that we were an hour late (oops!) and missed the appointment entirely. They are fabulous over there and are letting us reschedule it. Speaking of which… I need to call them and reschedule that!

The only other thing worth mentioning is that Oslo had a pretty gnarly cyst growing on his leg for a couple weeks there. It got quite red & fierce looking… but I am happy to report that after regular Tea Tree Oil treatments it’s gone down considerably and started to dry out. Instead of being a big, red, weepy grape size lump… it’s now hard and crusty (nice visual right?) and half the size. Hopefully within a week or so, it’ll be gone entirely. Good riddance!



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