a few less meds

Aside from being bored out of his mind, Oslo is doing really well. He’s still on his medications, but I am happy to report that we’ve been able to decrease the pain meds pretty substantially. We were directed to give them “as needed” and in the last 2 days he hasn’t really seemed to be in much discomfort. Of course Bulldogs hide their pain fairly well  so I have been giving him the meds at least once a day just for safe measure. He is still on his daily Anti-inflammatory and will remain on that for at least another month.

The thing with these medications is that they are known to work very well and do a great job in taking the pain away. However, absence of pain does NOT mean absence of injury. So just because Oslo is ‘feeling good’ does not in any way mean that he is out of the woods. It is absolutely, 100% imperative that Oslo stays on strict crate rest for at least another 6-8 weeks regardless of how he ‘seems to be feeling’.

With that said, I had to cancel his appointment/follow up/exam that we had scheduled on Thursday w/ Oslo’s Neurosurgeon.  We do not have a car and have relied on our dear friend Amanda to drive us to/from Oslo’s appointments…. Well, Amanda is unavailable Thursday and without her I simply do not have a way of getting Oslo to the vet safely. In any other situation I would just call a cab, but considering how delicate Oslo is right now there is just no way in hell that I am risking that. His crate rest is so strict that we aren’t even supposed to give him a BATH– I would have to be crazy to bundling him up into a taxi! The appointment will just have to wait.






2 thoughts on “a few less meds

  1. I wish I were even reasonably close and I would come take you and Oslo to his appointment. Unfortunately 2800 miles to get there is a bit too daunting. I hope Oslo gets to feeling better soon.

    Current Frenchie owner with another on the way. We can’t wait!

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