quality time

At least a couple times I day, I go & sit inside Oslo’s crate to spend a little quality time with him. I give him a nice full-body scratch, a shoulder & leg massage and lots of kisses and cuddles. He loves it and always gets really excited when I step over & in to be with him.

He has been doing great these last few days. We haven’t had to give him any pain meds at all. He LOVES going outside for his potty breaks and would probably walk for an hour if we let him. Unfortunately he gets limited to maybe 10 minutes. Poor Oslo. He looks and acts so ‘normal’ that I have to constantly remind myself that he still needs his crate rest.


2 thoughts on “quality time

  1. julorote reblogged this on kissbeep and commented: Beautiful picture of Oslo and his mommy. Oslo is on restricted activity and has to spend most of his time in this little gated area. He’s recovering from a surgery he had almost three months ago. I’m impressed with his recovery and I’m even more impressed with the amount of special care his parents give to him. It can’t be easy! Love you, Os!

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