Help Kirby

I wanted to take a moment to help spread the word about one of Oslo’s friends & fellow ‘Frenchies in Need’.

Sweet boy Kirby was recently diagnosed with a very large mass in one of his ears. A CAT Scan & Surgery will be needed to remove the mass. Kirby’s vet estimates his treatment to be in the $2000 range. Like so many, Kirby’s Momma is uninsured and (like so many) $2000 seems like an impossible amount.

His owner is so desperate that she is even considering relinquishing sweet Kirby to rescue, so that at the very least he will get the care he requires even if it means that she will have to surrender ownership of him. This absolutely breaks my heart, and it breaks Olso’s heart too! Can you imagine being in a situation where you really, truly are considering giving up your beloved dog just so that they can get the medical attention that they need??!  What a heartbreaking situation to have to be in.

If you could please click here and read more about Kirby’s story. Donations are desperately needed…. Presently they are 31% of the way there. I know that Oslo has some pretty incredible friends out there in the World Wide Web– I thought that you might maybe  together we might be able to give a little to help sweet Kirby. Every little bit helps.

Snorts & Snuggles,

Tamara, Oslo & Jersey.


One thought on “Help Kirby

  1. I wish Kirby did a little more updating. I love seeing pictures and updates of dogs that everyone feels so bonded to! I know you have been wonderful keeping everyone current! You’ve done an amazing job.

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