our bucking bronco

I had Oslo in the office with me today for 15 minutes or so. He is at his wits end being stuck in his pen all day. I figure it can’t be too bad to let him out as long as I make sure that he’s keeping calm and laying down… He really seems to enjoy these short breaks outside of his pen and absolutely relishes them. We tried to “give him a break” last night too, but Justin reported that Oslo started “running around, and was kicking & bucking like a wild horse!” Oh dear! We might think that crate rest is needed for this Pig, but I think the pig has other ideas!


2 thoughts on “our bucking bronco

  1. I always look forward to your updates on Oslo. And I truly think the world of you and Justin for never giving up on him. It can’t be easy- helping a dog recover from a major surgery- and I know it has cost you a lot of money. But you made a commitment to him when you got him and I’m really happy that you never turned your back on him. He’s needed his mom and dad through this ordeal and you guys gave him the love and care he’s needed. I just wish more dog owners were like you!

    I learned a week ago that a friend of mine just had to take her little dog into the vet for emergency back surgery as well. I showed her your blog and apparently her dog and Oslo have the same injury. Their nights have been long and their dog is pulling staples out on his own (they took him back in today as they were due to have them removed anyway). But she wonders if he will be able to walk and be active again. I hope you don’t mind, I told her to reach out to you for support or questions, or anything! But I don’t believe she has done that yet.

    Thanks for your Oslo update- and his pictures! They make me smile!

    1. It breaks my heart that ANOTHER dog is going through this 😦 But thank you so much for passing along my information. One of the biggest reasons that I started this blog was so that it could hopefully help other dog-owners out there who are going through the same thing. I felt SO lost, confused & overwhelmed in the first few days & weeks that all of this happened… It would be been invaluable for me to have a blog, like Oslo’s, where I could read and SEE PHOTOS of what to expect. I hope that your friend finds the information here helpful… And if she has any questions at all (or just needs to rant!) I am absolutely happy to help!

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