Giving Back

Every so often, someone comes to me asking for support in their particular fundraiser. Part of me wants to be ‘picky’ about what Oslo & I support  (I have to exercise some caution because I don’t want to post about possible scams) but for the most part  we are usually pretty happy to spread the word about other fundraising causes.

You see, Oslo was blessed to have $6,300 donated him. $6,300. Much of that donated by perfect strangers who had, in one way or another, heard about his story and felt compelled to do something. We did not get one donation of $6,300. Hell, we didn’t even get 100 donations. We got HUNDREDS. We got $2 donations, and we got even got a $1,000 donation— and absolutely every denomination in between. And you know? Each one was just as meaningful as the one before because it meant that someone out there cared. A friend, or a family member, and even perfect strangers cared enough to take a few minutes of their time to read Oslo’s story, click a few links, enter a dollar amount, and give. It was amazing- thinking about how much that meant to us still brings tears to my eyes.

So when people come to me asking, “Please, help us tell the world about our cause. These animals need help.” I will not say no.

Even if it seems like I am always trying to ‘nickel & dime’ Oslo’s amazing followers; I will not say no.

Every animal deserves the help that Oslo got. The care that Oslo gets, and the love that Oslo gets. And if my sweet little Piggy can help by attaching his beautiful squishy-face to it & cause and posting it on his blog… Then that’s what we will do. Not too long ago hundreds of perfect strangers ‘clicked on links’ for Oslo…. So we pay it forward to typing words & sharing links.

If you have a few spare minutes today, I’d love for you to check Aviva Insurance’s Competition for Small Canadian Non-Profits. Basically, these Fundraisers are competing to share a $1,000,000 fund from Aviva Insurance. Amazing, right? … There are MANY very worth causes competing this year for funding for their non-profit…. but I’d like to bring your particular attention to the following:

Starving Kitty Shelter

Barrhead Animal Rescue

To help with this, all you need to do is create an account and ‘vote’. You can vote every single day, so definitely go back as often as you can remember! If you would like to see all the Semi-Finalists in this year’s competition, go here.



4 thoughts on “Giving Back

  1. I’m so glad others are on board with the Aviva Community Fund. I’ve tweeted and FB posted every day during both Round One & Round Two voting periods highlighting about 15 great animal welfare organizations from coast to coast. The two mentioned above are in the small budget category:
    Be sure to look at the Medium and Large budget categories too. There are some organizations that have a real shot at being in the top 10 which means they become semi-finalists! – Wendy
    P.S. You get 15 votes. You can only vote for the same org once a day so if you have extra votes consider using them by voting for some worthy ideas in the other budget categories.

  2. Hi there, I’ve been reading your blog about Oslo’s surgery and recovery all evening because our frenchie, Jack just had this exact surgery today. He is set to come home Thursday, so I have been researching so I know what to expect and how to prepare for home care. Your posts have been very helpful and informative, so thank you! That being said, we are facing a vet bill for just the surgery, estimated around $5200. We have been trying to raise funds to help us cover the cost, and seemed to have lost some steam. I’m hoping that you would be willing to help us out by sharing our fundraising site and Jack’s facebook page with your followers. We are running out of time, so any help is appreciated!

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