Oslo was born to a litter of 3. It was him and 2 sisters. Long ago I exchanged a few emails with the owners of one of his sisters– they live on Vancouver Island and they named Oslo’s sister ‘Molly’. Molly was/is just the spitting image of Oslo and it was very cool exchange a couple emails with them. Then– a few weeks ago I got a comment here on this very blog from Molly’s owner! It had been years since we last talked. I was very excited to see her comment and to find out that word of Oslo had somehow managed to reach them (the internet is indeed a very small world) & that they were sending Oslo their very best.

Yesterday, however, I got an EMAIL from Molly’s owners informing me of some very sad news… Sweet Molly has herniated (like Oslo did) and is undergoing the same spinal surgery that her brother had. Amazingly, it is being done at the very same clinic and by the very same doctor who operated on Oslo. I am comforted by this because it means that Molly is truly in the very best and most capable hands… But I am so saddened to hear this news and my heart breaks that yet ANOTHER Frenchie is having to go through what our boy when through. Especially Oslo’s very own flesh & blood– his beautiful sister!

If you would like follow Molly’s story and/or offer Molly’s parents some words of encouragement & support, please check out Molly’s Page.

Molly. Who looks EXACTLY like Oslo.

Please. If you are a dog owner (PARTICULARLY a French Bulldog owner!) please, please, please PLEASE get your dog insured. I can’t even tell you  how important this is. It could literally be the difference between life & death in an unforeseen situation down the road. Spinal Issues are not the only incredibly expensive health problems that can arise. There’s cancer, reoccurring infections, skin troubles, vision troubles… and god forbid your dog ever gets hit by a car or in a bad fight! Please. If there is anything at all that you can take away from Oslo’s experience (and now sweet Molly’s) it’s that Health Insurance for your pet is imperative & the peace of mind that it brings is invaluable.


3 thoughts on “Molly.

  1. Oh my- how awful for little Molly! Ironic that she’s being taken care of by the same great team that Oslo has been seeing.

    I’ve thought about pet insurance, many times, but have never done anything about it. After reading this last paragraph of your post, I’m getting it tomorrow. I’m not even going to wait another day. Thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us- you truly do impact your readers!

    Best to both Oslo and Molly. I’ll be following both! XODO

  2. julorote reblogged this on kissbeep and commented: TODAY’S post from Oslo’s mom is what will finally make me get pet insurance for Izzy TOMORROW. I’ve thought about it but have never done it. Why wait another day? Learning that Oslo’s litter-mate is now being treated for Intervertebral Disc Disease really makes me worry. And I also have a personal friend who’s dachshund is also going through recovery from surgery for the same disease. Procrastinate no more. I don’t want to have to be faced with making tough decisions on Izzy due to cost of treatment for her. I’m doing it. Thanks to Oslo’s mom!

  3. We just donated to poor little Molly’s cause! We’re sending hugs and snugs her way. Keeping our fingers crossed for a good outcome!

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