Walking today

It’s been a really long time since I posted videos of Oslo walking. I thought that I would go ahead and do that today for you.

As you can see, he looks GREAT. He is still wobbly, and experiences some weakness and fatigue in his right (I think it’s his right.?.) leg. He’s also terrible on our hardwood floors.. If he is going anything faster than a very slow walk he’ll slip & slide all over the place (which is a bit comical, but can actually be REALLY dangerous to his spine & legs). But aside from those few limitations, he is holding up beautifully. I just make an effort to keep him on carpets & rugs, and to keep his walks short-ish. He still has crazy bursts of energy and attempts to do the ‘Frenchie 500’ like a normal French Bulldog!

The past week or so, I’ve even left him in my office while going out to run errands. It gives him a break from his crate, but the room is on the smaller side & is fully carpeted so I know that he is safe.

Here is a video of the little Pig strutting his stuff!


4 thoughts on “Walking today

  1. He looks amazing! I bet he’ll improve even further than that, he’s looking really strong. Paris is probably where he is at the moment permanently, with a little wobble and her legs sometimes ‘flick’ out to the sides if she runs, it depends on how focussed she is. I’d be surprised if he didn’t improve to close to 100%, what a champion!

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