Christmas Tree

Hello everyone!

The updates certainly come less often these days… But I promise that that is a sign that things are well! There simply isn’t much to report. Oslo is doing wonderfully. I have been able to leave him out of his pen, in my (carpeted) office during the day while I am out. I can’t tell you how much better I feel about him having more space and the ability to watch out a window to pass the time. I’ve also been able to walk him and Jersey together, which is fabulous and really saves me a lot of time! All in all, things are going well. We’re so thankful for Oslo’s help and we never take it for granted!

With the help of the Pigs, I put up my Christmas tree last night. Of course, I had to have them pose for a obligatory photo.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree

  1. What wonderful news. I’m so glad to hear it. I’ve been thinking of Oslo a lot because I’ve met so many Frenchies lately in Victoria. Yesterday I suggested to some people that they follow your blog and learn about the early warning signs of IDD. I was really dismayed that I got such an indignant and defensive response. One of the ‘Dads’ said it couldn’t possible happen to his dog because he had paid such-and-such amount of money and that his breeder was a member of the Canadian Kennel Club. I urged him just to be aware of it. I can only hope that he gets curious and investigates the disease anyway…

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