My Gay Dogs.

I’m sitting at my computer right now, watching my dogs engage in the most disgusting love-affair of all time. Mostly it’s Jersey reclining seductively, and Oslo licking his balls, face & ears, in no particular order. Meanwhile Jersey squints his eyes in what can only be described as pure, unadulterated pleasure & bliss. For the record, I NEVER see Jersey lick Oslo this way (not that Oslo has any balls to lick– but he does have ears & a face!). And then the humping begins. Clearly Oslo is the giver & Jersey is the receiver in their little relationship. My dogs are so gay for each other.

Photographic Evidence:

Jersey's face? Pure bliss.
"Ohhh Jersey. I is loving you forever."
"Ohh! Balls. I love balls!"



6 thoughts on “My Gay Dogs.

  1. I remember when Oslo was a puppy and he used to crawl all over Happy’s face and lick the sides of his mouth and in his ears. Is this maybe just one of Oslo’s quirks? He can’t resist a good mouthful of earwax?

    (Total side note: We still have that rhino toy we traded when you guys moved to San Fran. It’s with us here in Quito and Happy carries his “Ozzie” around with deep love and affection, even 3 years later!)

  2. Oh wow!! Molly and Oslo are more alike then I thought!! Molly humps my brothers female pug and Jeremys parents female dog as well. We could not believe our eyes the first time she went all out when she a pup and now we are very much accustomed to her lady love ways!! Too funny!!

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