Well, everyone.

I am officially a big, piece of crap dog-owner.

During a fairly routine nail-trim last night, I accidentally one of Oslo’s quicks. Despite the fact that I put cornstarch on it to stop the bleeding, the thing bled and bled and bled. And just when it finally stopped bleeding, Oslo licked at it and then it bled some more… and that’s when the Cone of Shame went on Oslo, and all credibility & pride that I had as a ‘good pet owner’ went out the window. Ugh. In fact, last night at 12am you could find me on Google looking up the term “Is it possible for my dog to bleed to death from a cut nail quick?” (an all time low). I was comforted to find out that that DEATH didn’t seem to be a likely possibility.. though I think I may be too emotionally scarred to cut his nails by myself ever again.

I am happy to report that he is doing okay today. The bleeding seems to have stopped.. though I will be walking him only on grass today because I am terrified that rough-surfaces will undo all the healing that he’s done.  I did give him a pain-med with his breakfast this morning (unnecessary? perhaps… but I feel terrible!) and he is currently snoozing away in his Cone of Shame. Ugh- Awful, awful, awful.

Oslo hiding after the traumatic experience-- I don't blame him.
"You did this to me, Momma!"

4 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. dude – I did something similar to my child…a human. Don’t beat yourself up. You could be the mom who never cuts her dogs nails at all and lets him go through life as an un-groomed mess. Remember the smelly unkempt kid in school that people made fun of? At least your dog isn’t the smelly unkempt dog at the playpark. Pat yourself on the back for good intentions.

  2. I forgot to tell you! We did the same thing to Bella on the same day! She bled sooooo much, but then it finally stopped and Bella, bless her giant, stinky heart, didn’t even notice. Lol.

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