Settling in

Oslo & Jersey have been settling into our new place really well. The backyard that I mentioned earlier has been nice, though we haven’t really been able to put it to use. It has been so rainy lately that opening up the patio doors and letting the boys out there to roam & explore is just not happening. Jersey doesn’t seem to give two hoots about the rain, but Oslo & I hate hate hate it. I think we spent too much time in California!

Oslo had a really persistent ear infection for about 2 months. I was keeping it at bay with tea-tree oil, but it seemed to get worse & worse. I finally caved in and took him to the vet. Turns out it wasn’t an ‘infection’ after all, but likely an allergic reaction. The vet explained that he has likely developed an allergy to his food. However, knowing how sensitive French Bulldog’s stomachs can be, he cautioned me against changing Oslo’s diet straight away. Changing the food might clear up his ears, but it could (and with Oslo’s delicate stomach– likely WOULD) cause other/greater gastrointestinal issues. He did however send me home with something called ‘Burrow’s Solution‘, which are drops to put into Oslo’s ears. I was instructed to do it every day for a week to clear up the initial flare-up… and then with that under control I could do it just once a week for general maintenance.

Within two days of using the Burrows his ears cleared up AMAZINGLY, and by now he is right as rain.

Leaving this entry with a couple photos of Jersey… such a sweet boy!



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