The most exciting thing going on over here this week is that I am headed to SCOTLAND today for the next week! I’ll be spending the majority of my trip in the Edinburgh area, but I’d like to make a day trip to Rosslyn and Stirling while there. I could be more ambitious and try to pack MORE places into my days there, but I am a firm believer that travel is best done slowly so that you can savour things a little bit. Attempting do too much will result in having gone a lot of places, but truly experiencing very little.

The pigs will be left in very capable hands, but I am sure that I will miss them constantly (though, I’ll try not to let it get in the way of me having a super awesome trip). Getting to sleep in and shirk my ‘dog-care’ responsibilities if fun for about a day or two… but after that I start to feel awfully lonely. I’m already looking forward to seeing them when I get back, and I haven’t even left yet!

I'll miss these faces!!

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