Hi Everyone!

I have been home from Scotland for about 5 days now, and I still feel like I am getting my bearings. I’m all unpacked and my photos are all uploaded, but I still seem to be fighting of the last little remnants of jet-lag. I go to bed & wake up at my normal times, but by 6 or 7pm I am exhausted beyond words. It is a struggle every single day to stay awake until ‘bedtime’ at 10pm. These things sometimes take some time though and  I am sure that if I just keep to my normal sleeping & eating schedule, things will click back into place soon.

The dogs were VERY happy to see me when I walked in the door. Jersey was all over me immediately, but Oslo seemed like he needed to thoroughly sniff me out before he confirmed my identity. They were stuck to me like glue that first afternoon/evening home!

I had an amazing trip– I ended up with 5 full days in Scotland, one of which was spent photographing an absolutely gorgeous wedding. I stayed mostly in Edinburgh, but did manage to take two day trips to Rosslyn and Stirling. Both places were incredible & awe inspiring! The weather during my trip was unseasonably perfect and it seemed like every Scot that I encountered marvelled and remarked on it. With clear skies & sun every single day, I did not see a single drop of rain. I would have never expect that from Scotland in March!

In a Frenchie-related story…

I was awake one morning and headed to catch a bus (to Rosslyn). As I walked down the street, I glanced into a Hair Salon window and noticed a resident French Bulldog. Of course, I *had* to go inside to say hello. Well, I encountered quite the surprise upon walking in… The Frenchie that I saw was actually a Frenchie MOM who was attended by her two, 7 week old babies! Of course my heart melted into a puddle right there on the floor, as I snuggled the pups and ‘talked Frenchie’ with the Salon Owner. It was very, very hard to tear myself away from those two precious babes & their cutie-pie Momma (who spent the visit attacking the laces on my shoes!).



One thought on “home!

  1. I meant to tell you! My first shift back at work I spent the better part of an hour discussing Frenchie’s and Mastiff’s with a customer who just received two Frenchie puppies of his own! We had a great time and I GUSHED about your boys. 🙂 Yay!

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