special delivery!

Oslo and Jersey got their first bit of FAN MAIL today!

How incredibly exciting! Special thanks to Wendy at ‘Shake a Paw Greetings’. The dogs were SO excited about the package when it arrived (and I had a laugh that it was addressed to THEM, specifically)… Jersey even tried to make off with it, to have it all to himself. As soon as I opened it up, it all made sense. 25 fabulous wheat & corn free biscuits, all spelling out a sweet little message for my pigs!  THANK YOU! You certainly know how to make a couple of Pigs feel special!

"Hmmm... What could it be?"
"It smells like it could be a mouth treat."
Dis iz MINE!

Awesome, high quality ingredients!!
For my Sweet Pigs!

3 thoughts on “special delivery!

  1. I’m so glad that you and the boys liked it. I especially like the photo of Jersey claiming it all for his own (Diz is MINE!) Would you mind if I posted it on our Facebook page? Actually a few of the photos if that’s OK?

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