Save Stitch

From Stitch’s Adoptive Family’s Website::

Three years ago, we adopted a sweet little dog named Stitch. The woman who owned him told us his sad story. Stitch had been passed around to several people in his first year of life – a group of young kids who were part of the Hollywood club scene. The woman’s teenage daughter had ended up with Stitch, but the girl was wild and out of control, partying, disappearing for weeks at a time with her adult boyfriend.

Stitch had been locked in the teen’s room for days without sunshine or exercise, having to relieve himself on the carpet. The daughter had taken him to a wild party where he had become so distressed that he jumped through a pane glass window to escape. And eventually, in their care, the dog ended up abandoned in the middle of a highway 10 hours away in Nevada City. With a cigarette burn on his neck.

We wanted to give Stitch a stable, happy home. We adopted him, microchipped and licensed him and got his necessary shots. And then we fell completely in love with him.

Soon after, the teenage daughter’s adult boyfriend began calling our home, harassing us, telling us the dog was his and to return Stitch to him. He even filed a police report against us for theft. After much drama – too much to recount here, the boyfriend sued us last year for more than $25,000, accusing us of theft and intentional infliction of emotional distress on HIM. 

…. In June of last year, the unthinkable happened.  WE LOST THE TRIAL. THE JUDGE RULED BASED ON LOST PROPERTY STATUTE, equating Stitch to a bicycle. It doesn’t matter if an owner neglects or abandons an animal. It states that no matter how the owner treated the “property”, it has to be returned to the original owner. 

WE IMMEDIATELY APPEALED.  We also filed a petition for Stitch to stay with us during the appeals process.  

Our appeals hearing is set for JUNE 7th,2012 1:00pm, in downtown Los Angeles appeals court. This is our opportunity to show the courts that we are invested in OVERTURNING this law which considers our pets nothing more than property- like a bicycle or a stereo, with no regard for safety and wellbeing. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD in all your animal communities. If tons of people show up to this hearing, and we get media attention, the court will see that this is a matter of public concern. HELP US SAVE OUR STITCH- and in return, the law may save your pets one day.  


This is a scary and very relative story for ANYONE who has ever rescued a dog (or cat, or horse, or guinea pig!) How would you feel if you adopted a pet with a terrible, heart breaking past. You worked your butt off for years to show that little creature that not all humans are bad. To show them love, warmth and tenderness. To gain their trust. And then one day, the old owners returned demanding their “property” back. And not just that– but suing YOU for emotional damages done unto them!

This is completely not okay. Please rally to support Stitch and his loving, adoptive family.

Please rally to keep Stitch in his happy, safe home.

Please rally to show law-makers that owning a living, breathing, feeling pet is NOT the same as owning a bicycle.

Share this video. Share their website. Share their blog.

Or! Show up to the appeals court in downtown L.A. (111 Hill Street) at 1 pm on JUNE 7th. It’s important that the court sees how appalling this property law is to pet owners, and that we’re not going to stand for it!


17 thoughts on “Save Stitch

  1. Reblogged this on Thriving Pessimist… and commented:
    Reblogging this post is my little way of trying to help Stitch and his caring adoptive family. Ownership only applies to property and things. Pets are part of the family and if you aren’t capable of taking care of them, let other people give them the love, care and respect they deserve as living things.

  2. I think I’m going to cry. I can’t imagine what this family is going through. I just emailed my friend in L.A. to ask her to spread the word and I posted about it in the Dog Lovers Group on LinkedIn. Hopefully some people from the L.A. area will notice it.

    1. Isn’t it horrible? I adopted my very first dog (Ben– a Jack Russell Terrier) until similar circumstances…. He was 5 years old at the time, & we had 8 amazing years together. He was the centre of my world– I loved him dearly. I can’t image if his original owners had come out of the woodwork a few years in and tried to take him back.

  3. This is such a sad story, it’s unbelievable that this could happen. I have reblogged and shared this on Twitter & Facebook. Our thoughts and prayers are with Stitch and his true family x

  4. I shared it on twitter and facebook, trying to figure out a way to reblog it on wordpress too coz i believe that our pets are not just a property, they are living beings and deserves to be treated likewise, If we keep a pet it is our total responsibility to take care of them, feed them groom them and treat them well emotionally and physically. i really hope i can figure a way to reblog it on my blog at

  5. Reblogged this on I Adopted a Dog-NOW WHAT? and commented:
    I owe a huge THANK YOU to and for bringing Stitch’s story to my attention. Please take a minute or two to watch this video and read about this adorable little guy who, after living through so much trauma, has finally found a wonderful and loving forever home. Unfortunately, this is currently being threatened as his family is in a court battle with one of Stitch’s former owners. Stitch’s family might have to give him up, as the courts have deemed Stitch as “stolen property”. The family has started a petition to help save Stitch from going back to a family that gave him so much physical and emotional trauma during his first few years of life. Here is a link to sign the petition and help save Stitch: The appeals hearing is on June 7th. They are alittle over half-way towards their goal of 5,000 signatures. Thank you so much in advance!

  6. Oh my goodness. If someone ever does this to me for Chester, I will absolutely die. That poor family. I’m assuming everything is said and done now, but I hope it works out for them!

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